Get to know this dynamic lady. Ochi has a lot to say about the world we live in and she gets all that into her music is a wonderful way! ” - Len Rogers

Rainbow World

I love the video gatekeeper hope to see more” - Angel M. Hardy


1:45pm Jul 11 We must be very brave to come out and proclaim with such a beautiful video protest on something as hard as is the brutality and physical violence and psychological against homosexuals, again thanks for the great video a big hug.” - Collectiv Les


Just Ochi author: Angi Lien I would describe "Just Ochi" as a soft, gentle rap that pulls the listener in and relaxes them. Her soothing voice creates a gentle rythem that relaxes the listener and her descriptive song makes one feel like they are right there with her. Her style is her own! Outstanding, Creative, High-spirited, Inspiring music.... author: Leilah Lewis This album is slamming...banging! So much variety of style. Very captivating, invigorating, flavorful and colorful music. For the true lesbian by a true lesbian, but all are welcome to enjoy it....Let Me Into Your World as you Hold Me!! I have listened to it a million times already and anticipate a million times more. Music has a lot of soul, and the drums.... my, my, my. GREAT compositions!!!” - FAN MAIL


Ochi Just Ochi " Genre: soul/r&b reviewed by Madalyn Sklar Ochi is refreshing and fresh. I'm listening to this CD and it's alluring. Ochi has put together an album with flair and wit. I'll be listening to this one over and over!” - Madalyn Sklar

Go Girls Music

Our listeners really loved your album - especially 'When I Was Six'". Glad to be able to provide an airing for so many talented women, who struggle too hard for airplay. Cheers Anita Women On Waves” - Anita

Women On Waves

This CD really grows on you as does Ochi. Thanks for turning me on to her." Mary in Orlando Ochi's music is awesome. I really like the different sound." Amy in Toronto Becoming one of my fav's really really fast. Go on up the chart woman!" Rick in San Jose Congratulations and huge hugs, Len Director OutVoice - GLBT Top 40 online since 1996! StoneWall Society Network” - Fan Reviews

Stonewall Society

Ochi is a highly talented Texas born singer/ songwriter / producer, (and mother of four) resident in Colorado. Her debut album “Just Ochi” (2006) speaks from her experience of life as an African American woman who is not only lesbian, but has lived the “lesbian lifestyle”. She has a well developed awareness of what she wants from life – and wants to assist other women to feel as free. We featured “Just Ochi” in our New Queer Music segment on 31 January 2007 - playing “Who Am I (ext)”, “The Utterance Of My Soul” and “Hand Technique” – but there are several more tracks that I would have equally liked to air. It's a very consistent - yet not predictable - well produced extremely honest and entertaining album. It's the sort of record I would not hesitate to recommend to listeners.” - John Frame

Queer Radio - Brisbane Australia

This is a great CD, with lots of fun music.” - LEN ROGERS - STONEWALL SOCIETY


LOCAL FOLKUS OCHI If you haven't heard Ochi yet, you'd better ready to listen, because this same-gender-loving singer, songwriter, mother and activist has a lot to say. Before you get her new CD, Just Ochi, check her out right here. Your CD, Just Ochi, is out and sounds great. How would you describe your music? My music is old school with a new age feel. I love everything from the 80's on back. Please talk a little about both your songwriting and your recording process. Some music comes to me in the form of a dream. I just wake up from a sound sleep and suddenly I have to write or it's gone. Other times, I'll hear a word or phrase or a beat that sparks a thought and suddenly I have to write. How has your personal indenity influenced your music? I don't often hear music that addresses how I feel as a same-gender-loving woman. For example a romantic evening consist of a heterosexual man singing to a heterosexual woman and I am expected to adapt and get my groove on to this. Well I got fed up with that.... ....I would like to encourage people to not only support me as a local artist but also support all gay and lesbian and communities of color businesses because if we don't who will, if not now when? I just want to thank Out Front Colorado for being there and providing the community this avenue.” - Matt Kailey

Out Front Colorado