1. Khar

From the recording Just Ochi

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This is about the sad reality of people who try and buy love. Happy that comes at any price can be very costly. In the end we learn that not only have we paid to much but we didn't get what we paid for. Then we read the small print in life: NON-REFUNDABLE. I would like to encourage people to put their wallets up. Love is free. Hey if the relationships don't work you will have enough money left to take yourself on a recooperation vacation.


A fella don't have a job not money and a broke down car, perpetrating like he's a star so girl gives him a credit card
now what do we call her?
Khar! Khar, khar, khar, khar, kharehbishuoor....donkey

Bad credit, no credit can't get a cell phone. Bad credit, no credit, can't afford to be on their own.