From the recordings Just Ochi and Just Ochi

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I am constantly being asked do I have a type or preference. People are supprised when I say each person is different so that I can't say until we meet. What I like in one woman I might not like in another. Each person is unique. I give myself the necessities in life and allow other to share as they will. Control your own destinies don't leave it on someone elses shoulders.


From chocolate chip, to honey dip, cinnamon brown, firm and round
I like what I like

I like nice lips and plenty hips, a wicked walk and the girls with the wicked talk I like what I like

Girls with braids, locks or bald shaved I like what I like

gimme thick thighs, with dreamy eyes Bling in their nose, and bling on their toes I like what i like

And you sistah with the Angel Davis afros, power to the people
I like what I like