Artist bio

A dedicated activist, a multi-talented performer, and teacher, Ochi was born in Texas, and has a strong southern upbringing combined with proud African ties to her Cameroonian/Nigerian roots.   She began her successful solo career at the age of 6, performing at church conventions, revivals, and Sunday services. Ochi delighted audiences with her 2-song repertoire, "Jesus Loves Me and A Sunbeam."    

Church gave Ochi structure, purpose, and a sense of responsibility.  Over the years, activism became more and more important to her. Combining her passions and talents, the "edutainer" was born to challenge the status quo, guide the narrative, create overall awareness, and provide an avenue of resistance.  

In 2005, Ochi launched her solo career with her first album, “Sleepless.”  In 2006, she dropped her second album, “Just Ochi.”  In 2010 she released 2 singles and an album, “Reparations, Missing You, and Bare Essence.”  

Using her talents as a songwriter, a storyteller in the African tradition, a videography, and her love of culinary arts, this ecofeminist activist plans on healing the soul and reviving the spirit by every means necessary. Her life's mission is to improve environmental justice along with justice for oppressed women everywhere.  As the world suffers increased impacts of global warming, greed, depleting resources, rape culture, and white supremacy, resistance is crucial to survival. Activist are needed more than ever and Ochi has returned just in time.