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Work, Work, and More Work - October 28, 2009

Hey Family,

Well I'm a senior and it's about darn time.  I should be completed with the first round of studies by hopefully August of this year.  Then I begin audio engineer classes which will really help to reduce my dependency on others.  Ladies if any of you are serious about making music then I would recommend going to school and learning as much as possible about audio, management, and promotions.  The more you know the less control you have to give up.  

It's been a real roller coaster ride but over all as I've said many times, I am so happy.  Change comes whether we like it or not so learn to be a part of the change.  Going with the flow isn't always the best thing.  Sometimes we get swept to places we don't want to be.  So instead be in front of change not behind it.  Navigate your own waters and plot your destiny.  It will feel much better.  Monitor the climate and don't spend your life reacting but being proactive.  

Well sister's that's it for me today.  Love yourselves, love your families, and love life.  Remember, before you do someone else, be sure to do you.  If you won't who will?  If not now when?



Sleep - September 1, 2009

Tonight I watched a documentary about sleep disorders and I really wanted to scream. With all their degrees and years of experience no one has ever realized some of us don't have a disorder, we're just out of order.

I'm a creature of the night. I don't sleep at night because it's not natural to me. I've been this way all my life from childhood. I am one of millions of people that have been wrongfully diagnosed as having insomnia or some other sleep malfunction. While some people do have a disorder there are many of us that are simply night people in the world of day people and unfortunately we night owls don't run the world. If society would be more accepting of us and accommodate us we'd all be much happier and more productive. Let me sleep past 7:30 a.m. Is that too much to ask? I guess so.

I Believe we need to revisit the way society is organized and become more flexible.  There needs to be more 24 hr businesses.  I love working the night shift.  Like we now have 24 hr shopping we need banks, laundromats, doctors offices, and more.  That would open up more employment as well as allowing for the differences of others within this society.  So I vote to expand our services to at least midnight to 2 a.m. in some cases.  That would be so cool.  Ok vote for me in the next election and I'll make that change.  


This has been a public service announcement.  Well it's past my bedtime.  I'm gonna try and get some needed sleep.  lol Deprivation is a killer.

Life! - August 4, 2009

Well as I sit and type no matter what is going on in my life I have to tell you that life is wonderful. We often get upset when life throws us a curve ball. The only thing that should ever make us upset is when we are not ready for that curve ball. Obstacles demonstrate our flexibility, agility, and preparedness. Since there's nothing we can do about it we need to be ready as much as possible at all times. After doing our best we must sit back and enjoy the ride. So today my word is - "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"!

Pressing On - July 22, 2009

Well the month of July is coming to a rapid end. That's neither good nor bad it simply is what it is. Meanwhile in between time I'm diligently rehearsing, learning the lyrics to all the new songs, and going over lyrics of older songs. I'm enhancing the tracks of older songs to make them even better and hitting the gym each and everyday. I won't rest until I'm back on stage doing what I love the most.

Now What - July 9, 2009

You know when it's not one thing it's another. My mother and her friends would lovingly call this the devil. I call it just wrong! Ok I have basically done my part and am still waiting for my CD to be completed by the engineer. I am not frustrated because I believe that things happen for a reason. I have no idea what that could be but I know it's a doozy and I won't be upset when things are revealed. Glitches like this have served me well and saved me from many a bad fate.

Meanwhile I'm sure everyone is wondering what the heck is going on. It's legal issues and engineers. That's all I can say. Please continue to be supportive, save your money, and be patient. We are almost there.

Coming Soon - May 18, 2009

Hello and thank you for stopping by. It's finally happening and you get to be a part of it. June '09 my new album, "Bare Essence" comes out. I will post the first single from the album within a few days for free downloading. After 7 days it will be removed. So don't delay!

This album is about my Houston escapade. How I came to be here, what life is like for me here, my thoughts of events here, and around the world. At some point in our lives we have all been stripped down to our bare essence. It can be as a result of a relationship, financial crisis, a death, or an illness. That point is often a defining moment, a reflective moment, a moment that has the potential to alter our very path. This is my “moment” in time and I have shared it with you my fans in what will be a 2 album summary of my life and experiences.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Motivation By Any Means Necessary - April 25, 2009

Hello all you wonderful people. Thank you for your friendship and uplifting conversations. I'm about to end another semester and you know by now if you've talked to my any length that my life though I only go home and to school is far from boring.

I moved to a new house March 14th to get away from a crazy landlord only to find another cracked pot. lol after paying my rent, deposit, and signing the lease I came home this monday to find a notice taped to my door from the city saying my house is being sold in a tax lien sale. this butt whole didn't pay his taxes! people who plan on buying his house have come by all week. the sale is scheduled for may 5th. can u believe this?

Now thank the creator that i have the mind that i do, otherwise somebody would've been killed. lolol i immediately knelt down and gave thanks for finding out sooner rather than later. lolol hey that's a blessing. then i called silly landlord told him he needed to handle his business and i did so without screaming, cursing, panic, or tears. so with these types of things happening all around me and almost regularly that's why family i'm so distant, busy, and flat out low on patience. i don't have time for the mundane l like i used to (ok when was that? hmmm not my life) anyway.

So why did this happen? I needed a wake up call. I am now back on track. I have 10 - 15 songs going on this new album that will be coming out very, very, soon now. I began laying the tracks this past friday. I will schedule my first show next month for Oct. this year. i need to give myself time to learn the new songs. yes all new songs. i am now awake and moving with vengeance to get this project done. lol don't feel sorry or angry. things that seem bad are often blessings well disguised. lolololol so pray for insight. pray that the songs and music are good and that sales, shows, merchandise, etc take off.

Thanks ladies. You know I'll post a same soon.

your girl,


p.s. no i'm no moving i just told this silly man to handle his business and do the right thing. then i looked at him like i was his mama. lol he knew that look and got to shaking and baking.

Update, Taxes, Family - April 15, 2009

Well thanks to everyone who hold me up in prayer, warm wishes, and burns candles. I really appreciate the thoughts and encouragement. Clearly it's working folks so don't stop now. Progress is being made by leaps and bounds. I hope to have all sorts of good, no great news to tell u very, very soon. I can say I've written several dozen songs by now. I haven't composed any music for them all yet but it's coming. I am even working on a couple of music videos to accompany these new tracks.

Meanwhile my youngest son graduates this year from high school. He has done a phenominal job in school and has landed a full ride scholarship. Whew! One less worry for mom. My youngest daughter has a 4.0 so far since 8th grade and I ain't mad at her. My 2 elder children well they need extra prayers. I am very proud of them both. They need extra prayers and meditation because they've both learned that being on your own is no joke. Hopefully, they will learn to communicate better. I hope they will learn when it's appropriate to ask for help and then how to accept it when given. The biggest lesson I hope they learn is remember to use their upbringing. They won't go wrong. As I've been living here even as an adult I've had to fall back on some old life lessons several times.

Well it's tax day and guess what? You know it, I'm amongst those who hasn't gotten hers turned in. So I'm off to the races. Have a good one.

Politics - April 14, 2009

What the heck ya'll I'm sitting here trying to study and the TV in the student lounge is on and I hear all these dissatisfied people over the economy. Where the heck were these people during the Bush/Cheney administration? They weren't outraged then or now. Why aren't the calling for Bush and Cheney's head? Cowards!!!

LOOKING BACK WITH A SMILE - December 18, 2008

Hello All,

Well this year is rapidly coming to an end. I hope it's been filled with challenges you were able to meet and exceed. I hope you have lived your life as if each day was your last and that you took time to savor each and every minute. I hope you have loved long and deeply. I hope your joy was unmeasured and that when you laughed you lost your breath. For those of us who may be blessed to see the next year let us go into it with honesty, sincerity, kindness, patience, and the enthusiasm of a child. Let us extend open hands of friendship to all we meet. Let random acts of kindness be the order of your day. If someone hugs you hold them just a little bit long and a little bit tighter. When it comes to finances don't spend your last dollar, save it. Don't shop as often instead take a free walk in a park. Use your credit cards less and your "get out of debt" option more. It's okay to stop participating in those things that stress us out, that bind our hands, and limit our freedoms. Debt is one of those things. It is okay to be without. You won't die.
For those mischievous souls amongst us who reeked havoc in the lives of so many. Stop your mess making you have done enough damage. Instead of reading minds, emails, and text messages, try reading a book. You are putting your talents to waste. building brings more joy than destruction.

Do I sound 49? Well I should have some sort of wisdom to pass on. I've only said things we all know but need reminding of from time to time.

Finally, before I forget, women who identify themselves as lesbian or same gender loving, be that. If you are a woman who passes or portrays yourself as a "boi, stud, dude, etc" you are not a lesbian. If you are attracted to a woman who passes for a man, if that woman won't let you touch her, if she only has sex with you with a strap on, and she refer to her female genitalia as "my dick", then you "fem" are also not lesbian. You both are living a lie. You are supporting the ideas by the religious right and you are hurting our community. Stop making society look funny at the rest of us who enjoy being female and loving other females. You are extremist and you know what I am saying is true. If not then why are so many of you butch and ultra fem women coming up pregnant?
Thank you and have a happy new year.

YES WE DID!! - November 24, 2008

Is it me you guys or have we been blessed to see several major events within our lifetime that many of us thought would never have happened. Before we enter a new year let's think about all the major changes over the last 20 years. Remember I have gone through menopause so I may not recall them all.

Within my lifetime, Nelson Mandela was released from prison, apartheid ended, the Berlin wall came down, North Korean opened it's borders to the south, and the United States elected it's first black person to the presidency. Hopefully, the next thing we will see within our lifetime is justice and all those individuals and businesses who have crippled the economy will see serious jail time and be forced to repay the country.

We might all get alone one day.

Hurricane Season - September 19, 2008

Wow! Ya'll I had no idea. Texas weather ain't no joke. OMG. Who the heck knew. I was so not prepared for what just happened. I tell you what, I won't ever be caught like this again.

We didn't have a generator, no battery operated radio, lousy cell phone batteries, and no real tools. Never again. It is my plan to get a generator, my chain saw, and other survival gear.

I've never been in a place where a natural disaster brought out the worse in so many folks before. Houston is indeed a different place. Red, yellow, black, and white folks just behaved badly. I was so happy to see people who used courtesy, people who thought of someone other than self. I was about to throw in the towel on Houston. All I can say in fairness to the Houstonians is that of the foolishness I saw much of it came from outsiders not native to Houston.

We still have no electricity. It's been 2 weeks now for us, we lost power with Gustav. We are the hardest hit. Please keep everyone in your thoughts, prayers, and hearts. Other than being without, electricity we haven't suffered too much. That may change in a few days as the temperature begins to rise. We've been enjoying 75 degree weather but the heat and humidity are on the way back. Then things will get ugly. Go look at the photos and be amazed like we were. I still can't believe this storm was supposedly minor.

The Road To Success - Video Blog - July 2, 2008

FINALLY! It's here my video blog The Road to Success provides chronological documentation of my efforts to establish my out music career. You a will be edu-tained as you view my daily struggles, rehearsals, and triumphs of making lesbian oriented music. You will see student life from a 40+ lesbian perspective. The frustrations of single parenting as an out performer, and so much more.

West Virginia - Hatred and Bigotry Over Quality of Life - May 10, 2008

Ya know folks it wasn't so long ago in the history of this country that people of color weren't allowed to live in a certain neighborhoods because of skin color. There were white only drinking fountains, entryways, cafeterias, and we won't talk about job discrimination. In 2008 we can live, eat, play, and go to school where our credit/income will allow and yet the world is no better off. I believe the problem wasn't where we lived but how we lived. While we fought for the right to live next to the Jones we forgot to learn how to live with one another. Our parents struggled often working 2 jobs so that we could have more. They wanted to give us what they never had. They were continuing in the tradition they believed of their parents who worked and struggled to provide them with a better life. I'm sitting here in the Tavis Smiley School of Communication building at Texas Southern University and I realize as I people watch that I need to be more vocal about my thoughts. Our grandparents and great grandparents weren't clear in their communications to their children and as a result several key pieces were lost in translation. They were fighting and working to give us a better life. Their idea of a better life meant the ability to protect their children from hurt, harm, and ignorance. Our great grandparents and grandparents didn't want their children to be absentee parents like they were forced to be. Many of them traveled far from home and lived with the families they worked for to earn a living. Often our grandmothers raised other people's children leaving their own children to be raised by others or even worse to raise themselves. So the more they spoke of was "more of them and their time, influence, love, and care". Unfortunately, our parents and people today took that "more" to mean things - game systems, clothing, toys, and food. Resulting in selfishness and sense of entitlement. We are a greedy, wasteful, and unappreciative society. Our lives are measured by what we have rather than how we live. Our parents wanted us look up to them, to honor them and know their accomplishments. That leads to respect of them and our ancestry. Today in 2008 many encourage their children to look up to athletes, musicians, religious leaders, and or famous icons. They ignore the love, sacrifice, and accomplishments of parents now. This generation born from the 80's on is a sorry generation. They lack guidance, morality, cultural awareness, purpose, accountability, responsibility, spiritual connectedness, knowledge/education, and common sense. Many have stopped teaching and now these are the people who will be left to care for us in our old age. Selfish, greedy, uneducated people who don't care anything for the elder, infants, lame, or disabled.

It's never too late to change folks. Love your children enough to teach them right from wrong. Stop trying to be their friends and be a darn good parent. Give them discipline, structure, and continuity. Stick to your word! Talk to your children, no teacher should know them better than you the parent. In doing so you might learn that your children are not differnt at all. They are frighten kids desperate for adult supervision. Stop letting hypercritically ministers and misinformed psychologist tell you that something is wrong with your same gender loving children. They are not sick, unless you their parents are sick. They are a reflection of you and the environment in which you raise them. Homosexuality isn't the illness - ignorance and hatred is the problem.

We have allowed coporate greed to manipulate us as people. West Virginians and any other group of people who want to focus more on race or gender, while we all stand apart as a nation we'll all go down together as fools. Different people can want the same things in life. Different people can work and live together. Different isn't weird, sick or dangerous it's VARIETY.

I'm Done!! - May 8, 2008

Yes lawd I made it! Well ya'll another semester in the bucket. I am so glad to be in school but I'm happier at the end of each and every semester. Whew! It couldn't have ended sooner. My grades are all good I worked hard for whatever I got. No cheating for me. If I failed then that's just means work even harder next time. All in all I made the honor roll this semester and received a school scholarship so I guess I'm doing well academically.

Now lets talk about life in Houston. OMG! What the heck is going on in this place. The south is truly stuck in a time warp. Will someone tell these fools that the world is "going to hell in a basket" and we all need to pull together and stop it before it's too late! They are so busy oppressing the innocent and less fortunate down here they don't realize how we are all in this quagmire together! African/Black, European, Mexican, Asian, and First Nation Peoples of the renamed Americas. If you are not one of few elite in control then you too will be and are being screwed! oooops did I say that? lol Heck yeah I said it and I meant it too. Why are we allowing the minority to dictate to us the majority? The worse part is they are not doing anything in our best interest. Stupid laws like; credit checks to get a job. Whose business is that? Bad credit no job. What the...ya'll sure wanna know what it takes to make me curse. Well nothing so stop wasting your time. Anyway, how the heck can a person better their financial situation without employment? What lamebrain idiot thought up that one? Probably the same idtiot who privatized prisons. You know soon indebtedness will become a jailable offense. Don't laugh once upon a time in Europe lest ye forget. Well that's it for me. I'm trying to live life, raise my kids and become an artist my fans can and will be proud of. Just think you can say you knew me when.

April Fool - April 1, 2008

Well guess what folks I made the Texas Southern University Honor Roll. Aren't you all impressed! I know some of you thought this was gonna be a party situation here but now you see how serious I am.

Last month I went to Denver to secure my things and see old family and friends. Wow the city really changed. Entire malls just gone. Denver was soooooo cold. I can't imagine I ever lived there and liked it. That's what happens when people don't know better. Just kidding Denver family. It was 18 hours of pure pleasure. I took my two youngest children with me. We worked and worked like Hebrew slaves along with Luis and 2 wonderful people who were passing by, the job got done!

I can't just move forward without telling you all about the blessing we received in the form of assistance. These two wonderful people, who just moved to Denver from the East Coast were riding by on a bike. (One bike let me add.) Saw how hard the kids and I were working and asked if we would like some assistance. They spoke no english and well my espanglish leaves much to be desired. Thank God for Luis whom I called and he translated their message. They just wanted to help. Not for money, food, or any compensation. They just felt for us and had nothing to do. Well my mama didn't raise no fool! I took those kind folks up on their offer and as they blessed me I attempted in turn to bless them. Unknown to me they had no furniture in their new apartment. That was so not the case when we left. We gave them the majority of what we had. Why? Well from where I stood it was the only right thing to do. I told you my mama didn't raise no fool. Sometimes people can be greedy and selfish. My family came to love and appreciate that family. That didn't know our circumstances and we didn't know theirs. We didn't need to know either. Right is right and wrong is a character flaw. My only regret was that I couldn't do more, especially once I learned of their need.

Random acts of kindness should not be so random. Think about it. How much better would our lives and this world be if kindness were a regular occurrence?

Much love cyber family,

Career Update - February 28, 2008

Hello and howdy do! I am alive and well. First thank you all so much for the prayers, encouragement, and positive energy. I know for a fact that all my success comes from the support that I receive from you all on a daily basis. Positive vibes go a long way. In the words of Obama, "YES WE CAN". I am working even harder these days to reach my goals. I haven't taken out even a moment to play. Am I over doing it? NOPE! Too many people are depending on me and I have so much great music that I can't wait to share with you all. Therefore, I am frantically working trying to get all the edits, mixes, mastering and re-mastering done. What can I say I love my fans and you all deserve the absolute best! I hate half doing things. I want to deliver clever, smooth, melodious madness. lolol

Now as for my personal life. Well that's a short sentence. I'll get one soon enough. So ladies - keep your dance cards clear and ready. lolol

Houston has great weather. While my family and friends in Denver were freezing, we were debating on whether or not to use the AC. lolol shhhh stop laughing.

Well it's back to the grind stone. Play for me will come when I take the stage to perform all this new music and see all your gorgeous faces.

What's Next - December 28, 2007

Hello, hello,

Well I just wanted to let you all know that I am working overtime on several projects. First you know there's a new pilot coming out called, "Lovers & Friends". Look for it this season on Logo. My music, "I Like What I Like", will be the theme song for the show. So, I'm working on that, 3 new cd's, my newsletter, my podcast, and my video blog. Whew! Are you tired because I am and nothing is even completed yet.

As far as the new cd's go I'm releasing singles first then the entire album. Honey the music is hot if I must say so myself. Why am I so slow? Well, it's because you all deserve the very best and nothing less. Don't forget I'm still a mother first too. Kids/family then music. No I have no personal life. As soon as this music is completed I plan to come out and play. When I do, no woman will be safe. lolol Oh I do crack myself up. See you real soon ladies.

Smoochies and hugs.

Happy New Year & Harambee everyone.

Happy Holidays - December 20, 2007

The Holiday season is upon us and I hope as you all rush about that you remember to focus on the things that are really important to your emotional, spiritual, social, and cultural well being. Having money is great but having your health is more important. Being in a relationship hey sounds good right? Being in a healthy, loving, mutually respectful relationship filled with trust, even better. Try giving love this year rather than gifts. It's cheaper and the effects are far greater.

Life is what we make it rather than only focus on self let's reach out to someone else this coming hear. Giving feels good. Just remember never do more for someone else than they are willing to do for themselves. Giving until it hurts you is silly.

Ok that's my words of wisdom. I hope they've helped someone. Be safe, have fun, be considerate in your celebrations.

School Is Out! - December 8, 2007

Well, I'm done! Yes! It was truly an experience family. Ok let's see where to begin? going back to school at age 47, with four kids, and 2 dogs is a trip! Oh a girl was just frazzled. I was running between studying, grocery shopping, laundry, and PTA meetings to my own classes. Most nights I was fortunate to get to bed by 11 a.m. but couldn't fall asleep until 2 or 3 a.m. Other nights which are the majority I fell to sleep by 11 a.m. and was up for the night by 3:30 a.m. So, being Ochi, I attempted to utilize that quiet time for studying and meditation. Somehow, I've managed to get good grades. On most days I'm tired and but I've overall been happy.

I love the weather I've had to use the A/C on several occassions.

Happy Birthday to Meeeee! - November 26, 2007

I made it! Another birthday is now in the record books. It was so wonderful. I spent the day with my dad and that was a first in 48 years. What a wonderful way to spend the day. I don't know how I'll top next year. Maybe I'll be on tour. One can only hope.

Then I spent Thanksgiving which I normally don't celebrate with my new family. I ate far too much and smiled every opportunity I got. I love these people Ya'll. they look like me, they have many of my traits , I don't know I could get used to having a family.

School is moving right along. One good teacher and the rest well TSU needs prayer and fasting. shhh stop laughing. I'm holding my own with the young folks. I miss performing and recording though and I can't wait to get back to it. As time allows I promise to update my sites more. I know, I know I've been slipping.

By the way b/4 I go, you all could have told a girl about the Texas fleas! They are no joke. This is such a different world down here. Heat, bugs, floods, now I see why this is the bible belt. They are getting whipped. lolol Yes! Come on doesn't this place sound like the new testament?

Houston A Real City - October 9, 2007

Wow! Now that I finally exhaled I've gotta tell you all the air is at times foul. Houston is a real city and all this time I thought Denver was city living. In fact Denver is just a small town with a city attitude. You know what? I prefer that. I don't like this city living. the government is corrupt but says it is the "average joe" that has criminal activity. They attempt to instill fear in us against our neighbors but it's the authorities that I worry the most about.

I came to Houston to do a job. School and music and that's what I'm going to do. I hope Houston is ready. It's about to get down and dirty, then with the ancestors help I'm outta here. It's hot ya'll.

Exhaling - September 19, 2007

Whew! What a journey! We are all settled into our new lives and making the transition. Living in a place alone without kids is one thing. Living in a place on a temporary basis is another thing. Making a transition with 2 dogs, 3 kids and a mini trailer. Well that's another thing. It's more final. I've held off getting my plates, license and anything that would signify this as being permenant. Just fear let's be real. Houston is very different from Denver. Denver was pretending to be a city. You know what I like it that way too.

I've begun working on the new CD. You all are going to love it. I'm really taking my time and I have learned so much along the way. I will certainly pass the knowledge I've gained on to you my precious friends/family.

On the Road Again - August 4, 2007

Well with the wind in our faces we're off. I can't to reach Texas. The highway is open, traffic light. At times it's breezy, cloudy, but the sun burns away the clouds here and there. My heart is full and so is my gas tank as we make our way south to the home of my birthplace. I feel like a salmon swimming upstream. Who ever thought I out of all people would be making this journey? Certainly not I and yet I can't wait.

Thanks for the scooter Darryl & Rodney. Now that I'm a biker I'll certainly fine a babe now. lol See ya later De & Terri. Where the heck are you Fran? Wauneda, Vee it's been real, it's been fun, it's been real fun. Vanessa you know you are my road dog. Robin...Robin hey. Nana Yo, I'm so glad I was here to share in your process with Tio. Modupe and congrats. I will never look at white again. Janell, Nyna, Ajala, Asiya, Keyan, Faatima, Mehyar, Nasrine, Mani, Rahim, Raneesha, Saeeda, Menelik, Ratu, Malebo, DeeJay, Javier, Jordon, Ms. Ampry my sistah, the Zions big & small, Umarah, Amonrah, Jesse, Menlo, and Kalimah just to name a few. I will miss you all. I love you folks.
Tona & Melody I don't think I know the right words so I might have to create some. Thank you ladies for the shelter, love, friendship, sistahood, and spirituality that you shared with us. What a wonderful 2 months it has been. We'll see ya'll in Texas.



As some of you know one of the biggest challenges for me was finding a good engineer to mix and master my CD's. I was willing to pay whatever to whomever in order to produce a quality product. In my efforts to produce a CD that met industry standards I spoke to several, well-established artist about who they might suggest. I combed the yellow pages, and interviewed several studios until I finally found Dub Media a local Colorado based company. I was impressed about what I heard and what I saw. It was all a scam folks.

At the time I knew very little about engineering and mastering so I trusted DubMedia. I spent somewhere around $900 - $1500.00 for complete and utter CARP! It was an ENGINEERING JOKE! How these folks sleep at night much less call them professional is way beyond me. Let's begin with what was wrong with my CD.

1. No vocals were ever doubled
2. Very little to no panning was used.
3. The volume was too low!
4. The wrong versions were put on the finished product.
5. The entire project took far too long. 3 - 5 months.
6. There is background sound in the finished product of some of the tracks.
7. Track length for Radio airplay
Now someone might ask why in the world would a sane, reasonable person pay for such CARP? Well it was simple. In reference to the industry standards I was not aware of basic practices like doubling of tracks or using reverb etc. I didn't know what it meant to master a CD. I had no idea "then" what mastering involved. So I trusted these people. When I heard things that I didn't like or had problems with I was told that was the best that could be done with what they were given. Not true. I was very open and proactive whenever I was directed to a problem. When the engineer said something needed to be re-recorded I was quick to do so. If he said delete a portion of the song due to technical problems, flow, or whatever I agreed. I was never told that Radio station format and time lengths. The just smiled in my face and took my hard earned money.

My CD has been met with mixed reviews. The reviewers love the content but slam the engineering and all have been quick to say get the CD redone, bad engineering is holding me back. It's great had I done it myself as a non-professional but not one person could believe I paid "so called professionals" for what I have.

That's why I am going to school to learn this myself so that no other woman will be ripped off like I was. That's the exact reason Gatekeeper Productions was formed. In the meantime there are wonderful, professional female engineers like G1 of New Ground Collabo.

She has been a Godsend and inspiration and savior to me. The new CD is much better when it comes to engineering. It meets industry standards. I am also in the process of re-master...No! It was never truly mastered so I will master the previous CD, entitled Just Ochi. It will be re-released in August of this year.

Thank you for your purchase and or your plans to purchase. We appreciate your sticking it out with us through our growth and development.

As for DubMedia JUST SAY NO!
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