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I Pledge Allegiance

Posted on May 1, 2012 with 6 comments


DeVita B

August 22, 2013

I'm not gay or lesbian but the truth stands across gender lines and preferences. We are all people and have a right to life, love and happiness. Safety should not be up for debate.


August 22, 2013

Just found this video and OMG! The world needs to see this. Thank you for this song.

Tiffany Harris

August 4, 2012

Hi we haven't met but I've heard so many wonderful reviews about your music. After watching this video I see why.


August 4, 2012

Wow! I love the song and the video. Keep it coming.


August 4, 2012

Ochi this is a powerful video. Thanks for sharing it. In so many ways many of us are in denial that gay bashing still goes on.

Damien Edwards

May 19, 2012

You know this is my jam! Drop the "L"!