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Underground Music

Posted on August 23, 2017 with 0 comments

People keep telling me it can't be done.  Impossible I say!  Why shouldn't I make gay music?  I believe in the power of good music to move the world and be accepted.  We listen to non-gay music each and everyday.  As long as it is good I know I can cross over. So I keep writing and writing.  I keep making beats and doing what I do.  My loyal fan base keeps growing and buying.  They aren't all gay either.  I'm doing one set of ears at a time.  This next batch of songs will be better than the last because you my fans deserve it.  Also, I've learned so much more since I began.  Such as how to record and industry standards.  I want to completely produce this next album myself without the input of others.  I'm tired of being sabotaged. Wish me luck.  Oh yeah, the slow songs are coming.