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Posted on July 10, 2016 with 0 comments




protest-nfl-headquarters-ap-img.jpgAmerica is a violent government. This country was built on violence and has sustained itself through the use of violence. It is hypocrisy and an insult to our intelligence to say or imply otherwise. Violence is and has always been the first response to anything perceived as a threat - whether that threat is real, politically manufactured (Iraq) or imagined. Though I completely understand the need and rationale to lash out violently black people who have led the way in so many things can lead the world once again and show how we can engage in a peaceful and extremely successful revolution. Only if this doesn't work should we resort to the final method. Economic boycott works. We must unify just like we did during the bus boycotts. Not just for a day or a couple of weeks. Let's do it until Jan. 1, 2017. We are asking all black and brown athletes to sit down. We are asking all black and brown entertainers not to perform. We are asking all black and brown people - do not buy non-essential goods. Do not buy snack foods, do not buy soft drinks, do not go to movies or concerts, and more. Let us all make sacrifices for the greater good. Show your pride, show your self worth and show your dignity. Until the constitution applies to us all we need to hold out once and for all. We accepted crumbs after the civil war bases on promises not filled. We accepted crumbs in the Civil Rights movement based on future promises. We accepted crumbs in the Black Power movement once again based on hope of continued changed. We never put an end to discrimination. Let's end this fight once and for all. If we behave as the leaders we are we can end it for everyone.