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Ochi - Artist Extraordinaire


Ochi began her successful, solo music career in 2005 after leaving an all female West African Drum Troupe.  Her first album, "Sleepless" created a thirst amongst her fans wanted more.  Not happy with the production of Sleepless she had the album re-engineered professionally and released it under a new title and began a multi-state tour.  
Her second album entitled Just Ochi was released in 2006.  It contained severed of the songs from Sleepless and several new tracks.  It was immediately a hit amongst gay and lesbian audiences.  Heralded as bold, daring and funk-a-lious her fan ate it up.  She performed in Gay Pride celebrations, lesbian music festivals and various lesbian events.  
Ochi left the stage in 2007 to raise her family.  Sacrificing her career and the momentum of her Just Ochi album she relocated to Texas and lived in relative seclusion until the release of her latest album, "Bare Essence."  She released 2 music videos one for a single not officially released, "Missing You," and "I Pledge Allegiance."  A window into her soul Bare Essence is raw, gritty, political and as always funk-a-licous. 
Deciding the music scene is changing Ochi has decided to release her track as singles.  Once she receives her Masters in History from Texas Southern University her plans are to pursue her musical career, acting and documentary making full time.  
Ochi is a multi-talented artist who spreads messages of love, hope and resistance through music, photographs and video.  Ochi has been dubbed the "Edu-tainer," because she combines her passion for teaching with her joy of performing.  Using humor, her academic background and life experiences she delivers messages long unheard, reminding the listener that the "struggle" is not over. A pacifist by nature and a fighter by force, Ochi is  a bright spot in a world of music gone bad. 


Who is Ochi? She's an artist in every sense of the word.  She's an unstoppable, creative force here to entertain, educate and elevate.

Ochi the - Photographer

Ochi - HerLand Festival